We believe that to teach a man
is to build a sound foundation, but to teach
women is to equip the nation! That is
why we train/ offer agricultural skills to the public.


Sophie’s Poultry Kizup Agro has extreme record
and experience in the industry of Agriculture. It has
been in the industry of supply of agricultural products,
rearing and selling of broilers and layers, as well as
distribution of farm feeds and other agricultural facilities.

Services & Products

- We sell day old chicks. 

- Medicines for chicks. 

- Supply Government offices with Agricultural products.

- Training in how to rear chicks, broilers, pullets
   and point of layers.

- Farm Feeds and medication of Animals, specifically   Chicks.

- Facilities in Slaughtering and selling of chicks. 

- Sales and support superiority in Technology in Agriculture.

Our network of experienced mar, sales
and technical support is highly capable of
gratifying consumer requirements by offering.